A Play Tent is the perfect space for your child to use as a tool for their creativitiy and imagination. Can you remember how much you enjoyed building caves and finding hiding spots when you were young? Now your child will feel right at home in our Teepee Tent.


It is quick and easy to set up, to take down, and comes with a matching Teepee Mat made for the tent that will provide a soft surface for your child to play on.


This tent is big enough for your child, friends, and family to enjoy playtime together. Making this product a perfect addition to your child's room.

Toddler Play Tent - Ballerina Bunny Collection


    • tent : L 60 in. x W 60 in. x H 78 in.
    • mat : L 60 in. x W 60 in.


    • tent : L41 in. x W 41 in. x H 57 in.
    • mat : L41 in. x W 41 in.